The research was so effective and profitable.

No more walks in the fields and woods, no more hunting or fishing parties, which made us feel intimate life of the world around us. We take the car, which also suppresses all thought. And it automatically sinks into a routine which is the opposite of culture.

We were not more grown out of EN our youth today. We were much less likely, but we then had the opportunity to seek and experience sometimes dramatically, and they did more. This radical change in attitudes to culture is very visible today, alas! At the beginning of our techniques, there are thirty to forty years, trade between us were more frequent and deeper than today.

We talked then really the topics that we put in the study. The research was so effective and profitable. Two examples: – On the eve of the War of 1939, I joined with The Wave questionnaires sent to us. One of them dealt with: I, 1938. child I received 500 answers then. We would have maybe not 10 today. – It is the same questionnaires as we launch usual for the preparation of our Congress.

They were worth we used a special courier. No longer meets our obstinate demands. It is a fact, alas! indisputable, with which we now have to rely and which will get worse again. The answers we receive are we still in fact the few teachers or households lingered in the countryside. They will also soon be brought back into the barracks schools- towns and cities.

The culture that nourished us will be dead. *** We have one hope. For our techniques, our teaching, we are at the base of a new culture, valid for the first child, but we will find perhaps the great laws of life, within us and outside us.

We discover a new world – the child – and this so far unknown data leads us to reconsider the psychology and pedagogy, relationships student teachers, and the influence of environment, and the action of all the feeling of subtleties , thought, psyche, art, to address a new conception of man and the child, and therefore a new culture. The company is promising, certainly. But is it not also a kind of challenge?

Do we need does not go to war against everything, against all that is sitting for centuries on conceptions and beliefs, the strongest of which date back to antiquity? And we find one day, as we would like, intellectuals, teachers, psychologists, trained in the ancient culture, dare homework helper
to question it, discuss it, reconsider to address, the free spirit, this essential confrontation between the old and the new that would enable us to move forward?

Will we one day to fascinate to this research a core of more extensive of educators who will then broke the narrowed middle of the school to promote, with teenagers and adults, this new culture? When one is used to working in the classroom with our methods of life one is naturally inclined towards research of a culture. It will suffice to meet this need to open in the best of educations, a gap that will lead to a radical reconsideration of their life perspective.

TOWARDS A SOLID ORGANIZATION OF OUR EDUCATIONAL MOVEMENT While our group was small and we had within it a large proportion of researchers comrades and grown, the problem of the direction of our movement does not really arise. We were moving together as a true cooperative. With the growing influx of newcomers and resulting dangers, we are forced to change our organization.

We normally find that we did not give immediately leading position for beginners who have not sufficiently mastered our techniques and have not yet imbued with this spirit that we want to base our culture. We are grouped in a core frameworks comrades that may help us in all areas. – the knowledge and practice of our technology; – by their desire to help us wholeheartedly for the success of our work; – for pedagogical and philosophical view of safety; – for connecting our vast knowledge become cultural and human.

This central core of sixty comrades already meet in pre Congress in Brest. It will designate the CA-CA-CEL and ICEM and take all practical steps for the smooth running of the Congress. This core of we expand and enrich all the good wishes efficient who will join us. That’s nucleus, and workers who join them in the action we reserve the free service of Life Technologies.

If our financial situation allows us, we can during the year, organizing meetings in various parts of executives and managers to study, at a second stage, the problems that we are essential, and we will identify along the way . Several groups also felt the need for discussion on the second degree. Certainly, the comrades did not balk at the need, all day long of educational and technical introduction. But to repeat as they know themselves for a long time, they may risk losing their momentum.

They need to get together with peers to discuss issues they feel important. They need, above techniques, join the great collective thoughts of a culture with wide horizons. We will ensure and promote the best by the growing success of our pedagogy.

We will discuss at greater length in the Congress of the problem of culture in order to cause maximum comrades who will understand what they can expect from the Freinet, renewed and rejuvenated through the trials that exalt the momentum and dynamism in the essential camaraderie and friendship. C. F. Some important recommendations for Congress BREST – Dormitories (Classical High School and Joint Technical High School Kerichen) not being on the premises of Congress, a bus service will transport non-motorized delegates, morning and evening. – All delegates (except for those staying at the hotel), take breakfast in the university restaurant. – For some comrades, I recall that the right train gives a discount of 20% on the return trip.

Important note: heels are forbidden in the dormitories of High Schools Kerichen. High Schools Entrance by Blum Street. For additional information, contact: Emile Thomas, 18 rue de l ‘Iroise Brest (North Finistere) -18.pdf

Plan of work and schedule conferences Brest ^ the final classes> Author Freinet Print
7 Results Supplement Educator No. 10 of 15 February 1962: The Congress Educator CEL For Teachers History magazine Geo February 1962 More Records of I’I.C.E.M Working Committees.

Congress Annecy 1 – April 5, 1964 In: Congress a grade> kindergarten school level> Special Education National Education> Inspection grade level> second degree The International Educator CEL For teachers review History- geo> Math History> Calculation, operations Training and research> knowledge of school children Organization> city school Movements> Freinet movement> FIMEM May 1964 more Commission study of the environment in: the Congress Educator CEL for teachers journal Research History middle-Geo Science and Techno March 1967 Tours Author: Fernand Deleam more XXIV International Congress ICEM-Freinet Pedagogy – Environmental Study In: the Congress Educator CEL For teachers review mid Study Geo Sciences History and Techno June 1968 more XXIV International Congress ICEM-Freinet Pedagogy – Second degree In: Congress a scolai level re> The second degree Educator CEL For Teachers History French magazine Geo Maths June 1968 More Alpes Maritimes Our group and Congress In: The Congress Educator CEL For teachers review Geo History> History March 1971 Authors: Antoine Jacques Jourdanet Octobon and records of committee work: study of the environment in: the Congress Educator CEL for teachers review Geo History> History Science and Techno> life Science and Earth History Geo> Geography research mid May 1970
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