Italian Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

Italian Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

The Rehearsal Dinner

Ahead of the pasta is passed during the rehearsal dinner, the most useful man toasts “Per cent’anni,” or “A century,” to want the brand new few a hundred years of great fortune, frequently with one glass of prosecco, the Italian version of champagne. Another toast that is common “Evviva gli sposi!” (“Hooray for the newlyweds!”). Italian brides once wore green from the eve of these wedding to carry luck that is good. Revive the tradition by pinning for an emerald brooch or tying a green sash around your rehearsal dinner dress.

The Ceremony

Tying a ribbon over the doorway regarding the church allows passersby’s understand that your wedding is occurring. Superstitious Italian grooms carry a little little bit of iron within their pouches to defend against wicked spirits, and brides rip their veils once and for all fortune.

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