PokerStars Parent Could Receive Second Stock Exchange Listing

PokerStars Parent Could Receive Second Stock Exchange Listing

The brand new York Stock Exchange is one of two options for PokerStars and Amaya Gaming now. (Image:

It had previously been that the biggest on-line poker room ended up being privately held. The massive $4.9 billion buyout of PokerStars by the Amaya Gaming Group exposed the possibility for investors to have a piece of the poker room giant through their publicly owned parent company. Now, the head of Amaya is considering offering investors a way that is second can get on board with the firm.

According to Amaya CEO and chairman David Baazov, the company is preparing on producing a dual listing that would bring about the firm, including PokerStars, being open to investors on a 2nd exchange.

‘There will be a listing that is dual’ Baazov told the Sunday instances recently, confirming the master plan.

New York or London

Right now, Amaya is listed on the Toronto inventory Exchange, where it has been traded for the past four years. Nevertheless, the double listing would see Amaya also listed for trading either on the London Stock Exchange or certainly one of ny’s exchanges. No decision has been made on which exchange would be preferable to Amaya at this time.

London could be a likely target, however. Provided great britain’s central role within the on the web gambling world, it’s a normal home for Amaya. In addition, most of the world’s largest video gaming businesses are exchanged as part of the gambl

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INTERPOL Swoops Down in Illegal Gambling Crackdown

INTERPOL Swoops Down in Illegal Gambling Crackdown

INTERPOL chief Jean Michelle Louboutin says massive profits lay behind the cross-continental illegal gambling crackdown.

INTERPOL has announced the arrests of 1,400 people across East Asia; the outcome of the six-week campaign to separation illegal gambling systems in the area. The operation, code-named Operation SOGA V, had been a joint work between law enforcement from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, and coordinated by INTERPOL, and saw the seizure of almost $12 million.

Illegal gambling is rife in East Asia, and wagers placed through the gambling syndicates, which are generally controlled by organized crime, dwarf the legal European and North American gambling markets many times over. Since it is clandestine and unregulated, it’s difficult to place a figure in simply how much the market is actually worth, but Foreign Policy magazine recently estimated that maybe it’s around $450 billion.

It’s also believed that $140 billion in dirty cash is laundered through the market each year. INTERPOL said this week that the organizations broken up within the raid that is latest were estimated to have handled around $2.2 billion worth of bets, most of those through illegal online gambling sites.

‘ The results of this operation that is latest SOGA are significant in relation to the volume of bets being handled by these illegal gambling dens, plus the number of arrests,’ said Jean-Michel Louboutin, INTERPOL’s

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Thailand Military Coup Provokes Mini Casino Boom in Cambodia

Thailand Military Coup Provokes Mini Casino Boom in Cambodia

The Poipet Strip: nine small gambling enterprises in a gambling no-man’s-land between the Cambodian and Thai passport control counters. (Image:

While final month’s military coup in Thailand, which toppled the democratically elected government, may be described as a cause for concern to the community that is international it’s reportedly been a huge boon to the small Cambodian gambling town of Poipet, just over the border. Poipet has always been a popular location for the individuals of Thailand, where gambling on anything other than domestic horseracing and the national lottery is illegal, despite a general enthusiasm among the populace.

Nevertheless, the latest junta that is military authoritarian crackdown on illegal casinos and gambling dens in Thailand is directing the former customers of these unfortunate establishments eagerly towards the dining table games of Poipet.

Cambodia itself has a (loosely enforced) no-gambling policy but, fortunately for all involved, Poipet’s casino strip, which contains nine smallish casinos, is cunningly situated in some sort of gambling no-man’s-land between your Cambodian and Thai passport control counters.

Military Shut Down of Illegal Gambling

The influx stays something of a surprise to the Poipet operators, however, because within the full days following the coup they reported that the quantity of people to the city had dropped dramatically. At the beginning o

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