To nurture the budding hemp industry in Utah by providing much-needed processing solutions to neighborhood cultivators and delivering hemp-derived services and products of exemplary quality to both businesses and customers. We have confidence in the amazing recovery potential of hemp and try to boost the public’s usage of it even as we develop enduring relationships in the industry, the nearby community, and past.


Extraction Method

We utilize renewable, 200 evidence food-grade that is organic as being a solvent to extract our very purified natural oils. Ethanol has the capacity to draw out the water-soluble substances of this plants, utilizing the final result being a full-spectrum, hemp-derived cannabis oil.

By utilizing ethanol at cryo conditions for extraction (below -50), EtOH behaves less polar and doesn’t draw any constituents that are unnecessary as fats and waxes from the plant material; eliminating the need for winterization and dewaxing.

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