Portugal’s Forward-Thinking Cannabis Policy

Portugal’s Forward-Thinking Cannabis Policy

Cannabis is illegal in Portugal. But, in 2001, it decriminalized cannabis and all sorts of medications, which makes it the very first nation to do this. Here is the reason, whenever we speak about worldwide medication policy and cannabis legislation, Portugal typically gets unique mention.

Portugal overhauled its medication policy which will make method for an operational system this is certainly based http://cbdoilmarketplace.org on treatment rather than one that is centered on punitive penalties.

So what does it mean become unlawful but decriminalized?

Based on Portugal’s medication law just before 2001, the employment of cannabis and other drugs is a offense and those caught in control of those prohibited substances are afflicted by a fine and up to 3 months imprisonment. The penalty risen up to at the most one in jail if the year drugs seized exceed 3 days’ worth of supply for the individual.

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However, the Portuguese federal government introduced its brand new policy in 2001 that decriminalized personal use and possession of cannabis along with other medications as long because they are in small amounts.

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