In a few countries, private cars are now banned from certain city centers.

In a few countries, private cars are now banned from certain city centers.

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Do you know the advantages of such a system and do you think that this will be something that most cities should adopt? Give grounds for your answer and can include any examples that are relevant your understanding or experience.

Sample Answer

Driving is a status that is real among many people. Cars and private vehicles are making human life easier and convenient to a extent that is great. But in this metropolitan age, while experiencing comfort travelling, we also face the difficulty of traffic congestion. Lots of countries are taking steps that are efficient improve pollution levels by imposing many restrictions on vehicles. In my perspective, the prohibition of private cars alone is certainly not a permanent solution since it requires varied methods like upgrading public transport facilities therefore the infrastructure of the metropolia.

Undoubtedly, personal cars are comparatively suitable than public transportation, as well as the majority of the locals are accepting this challenge of compulsory use of public transit. Many European cities, such as London, have begun implementing outright bans so driving around Central London will charge a heavy congestion fee. Therefore, half of the roads in London has been declared as ‘pedestrian priority’ zone. Besides London, Paris has also applied the no personal vehicle rule for which they have banned cars made before 1997 and also initiate visitors to use go car-free on weekends by utilizing bicycles for travelling. These efforts have greatly reduced vehicle emission in many elements of the entire world.

However, there is opposite side associated with coin. Completely restricting the four-wheelers from the city centers would negatively impact the economy that is overall of country. A few drawbacks for this scheme are so it would restrict the freedom of the people by controlling their fundamental right. It could also affect the category that is disabled they have to face the inconvenience of taking trains and buses that will not have any special facilities for them. Banning private vehicles in city centers can be heavy on people’s pocket too.

From my own standpoint, banning private cars completely is not a wise idea to control environmental issues.

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