Snail Mail Kit

Snail mail surprise kit. Each one is different!
Snail mail surprise kit. Each one is different! You can get yours at our Etsy shop, A Little Lemonade Stand.

Who are we? And how did North Star Crafts come about?

We are Brian and Valley, an Alaskan couple who enjoy an array of creative interests. We’ve been selling our handmade items and craft supplies on Etsy and eBay for a few years, and we now have our own website. Thanks for stopping by!

You could say our business has been more than thirty years in the making. Decades ago, when we were small children, our creativity had already begun to blossom. Before we even started kindergarten, we were both already unstoppably artistic. Brian drew, painted, and had a knack for model-building and inventing from an early age. Valley was never without paper, pencil, and scissors, constantly making tiny books of intricate drawings and collages of magazine clippings. The public debut of her art came at age six, when her mom printed up her drawing of life with the new baby to make her baby brother’s birth announcement. As the years went by, we both tried many different crafty and artistic pursuits. When we met, we discovered we share an artistic view of life and a tendency to jump headfirst into anything that strikes our fancy . We immediately fell in love, and were married within a few months.

The years passed, and we were blessed with nine children, and the resulting busy, slightly chaotic life, but neither of us lost our creative tendencies. In fact, as the children got older, they joined us in our various projects and interests. We opened our Etsy shop, A Little Lemonade Stand, in 2012, around the same time we started selling on eBay under the seller ID of valleyb68. Our business continues to grow. The ideas never stop flowing- only a lack of time limits our selection of creative items for sale. Currently, our focus lines are Snail Mail, Rubber Stamps, and Mini Scrapbook Albums. But do check our site often, because you never know what we might introduce next!